Colour Changing Fairy Potion

$11.00 CAD $13.00 CAD

A STEM Sensory Play Kit  Ages 3+

Create a colour changing reaction with three simple additions! With each step, watch the experiment go from blue to purple and back to blue with bubbles. 

  • Made with natural colours
  • Non toxic
  • Won’t stain hands
  • Washes out of clothes
  • Handmade in ottawa 

Try out this experiment with your kids: mix up a potion, play a scientist, or enhance sensory bin play. Optionally add on a beaker or pipette. 

**Intended for children ages 3+ under the supervision of an adult. Do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes.**


Add 1/8 tsp of Step 1 : Colour to approximately 1 cup of water; stir or shake. Add 1 tsp of Step 2 : Acid to the coloured water; stir or shake. Add 1 tsp of Step 3: Base to the coloured water; stir or shake. Each bag contains enough for 10 reactions when using the recommend amount.

Why does it say washes out of clothes?

When rinsed immediately or laundered within a day, the colouring has been shown to come out of clothes without the need for stain remover.

Why this product over a competitor?

I don’t use citric acid, which as a powder can irritate skin and airways. 

Our product is environmentally friendly. Other competitors use biodegradable glitter, which sounds appealing at first glance but will only degrade properly in the correct microorganism/composting environment. It is not meant to go down the drain into our water systems.

What are the ingredients?

Sodium bicarbonate, Potassium ditartrate, butterfly pea powder 


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