Recycling and Garbage Sorting

$30.00 CAD

Learn to sort waste and recycling while engaging in play with a recycling or garbage Trofast lid. Designed to fit on the small Trofast bins. Don't have one? You can order just the play pieces and use your own boxes and tubs to sort. 

Dimensions: Lids ~ 7.3 x 10.9 inches, Pieces ~ 2.5-3 inches

Materials: 1/4 inch maple plywood 

Play Pieces Only:  20 laser engraved pieces; 10 recycling and 10 garbage 

Full Sets with Lids: 1 recycling trofast lid, 1 garbage trofast lid, 20 laser engraved pieces; 10 recycling and 10 garbage 

(Recycle: glass bottle, soda can, paper, cardboard box, plastic water bottle, coffee cup, mason jar, can, milk carton, yogurt container)(Garbage: bubble wrap, packing peanuts, candy bar wrapper, chip bag wrapper, plastic sandwich bag, plastic grocery bag, diaper, disposable mask, baby food pouch, apple core) 

What is waste for some may not be waste for others! Please feel free to swap or remove pieces that don’t represent the situation in your home. We wish every item could be recycled and not end up in the landfill. Items like PPE, baby food pouches, and snack wrappers can be recycled at specialty locations and we recommend contacting your local eco friendly retail store to see if they have a program. 

Disclaimer: Every piece of wood is unique and therefore naturally occurring imperfections in the wood may occur. This puzzle is made with a laser, and as a result of the process burning around the edges and/or lettering may occur. Does not include the Trofast bin.

Not recommended for children under 3

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