Tea Party Bundle

$14.00 CAD
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Get ready for a fanciful afternoon with your little ones! Our Tea Party collection comes with adorable felt food, perfect for imaginative play. Host the most delightful tea party and bond with your child while developing their creativity and social skills.

How it works:  Pick one of the tea flavours (mint, lemon, or chamomile) and then choose your desired dessert. You will receive one tea bag and one of your chosen treat. Then repeat per tea party guest. Add another "Tea Party Bundle" to your cart if you want to order more.

What is the difference between this bundle and the other listings?

The bundle is a way to save some money compared to buying items individually. However the option is there to do so, if you don't want tea or want to add on more items to your existing party. 


Tea Bag: ~2 x 1.5 inches for main bag, 6 inches total length

Cookie: ~2.75 inches

Sugar Cookie: ~3 inches

Donuts: ~3.75 inches

Pop Tarts: ~5.25 x 3.5 inches 

Cinnamon Bun: ~3.75 inches

Pie: ~3.25 x 3 inches

Materials: felt (Wool blend felt sheets are 20-35% wool with the remaining fibers being rayon), polyester stuffing or bamboo/cotton batting, polyester thread

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