Daily Weather Board

$35.00 CAD

A six piece laser engraved daily weather board! Featuring, sunny, sunny with clouds, cloudy, rain, thunderstorms, snow and a slot to put today's choice. Every morning you can discuss with your child how the environment looks outside and encourage them to make clothing and outerwear choices based on their observations. 

Dimensions: Approximately 8.65 x 11 inches

Materials: Maple plywood, non-toxic wood glue 

Features: 6 removable pieces, optional personalization, optional beeswax finish

A personalized message or name can be engraved on the back of the board. Just let us know your message and the font you would like (there are 3 choices).

The board can be optionally finished with a beeswax coating. This adds depth to the wood grain, a nice smell and an extra smooth feel. 

Disclaimer: Every piece of wood is unique and therefore naturally occurring imperfections in the wood may occur. This board is made with a laser, and as a result of the process burning around the edges and/or lettering may occur. 

Not recommended for children under 3

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