Flower Garden

$11.00 CAD
Add on:

Use your imagination to grow with your own embroidered felt flower garden. Perfect for budding green thumbs and kids who like to play pretend. Purchase just the flowers pieces, or add on the soil kit and "patch" lid. 

Designed for the small Trofast bins from IKEA.


Flower choices are: daisy, lily, daffodil, chrysanthemum  

Add on Soil Kit comes with: 2 worms, 2 garden paper pots, scoop, and 2.5 cups of soil (blend of rice (dyed with food colouring), urad dal, and black beans).

Add on garden tray  

Dimensions: Approximately 7 x 5 for the tray. The flowers are roughly 4 x 4" not including the stick. The worms 2.5"

Materials: Maple plywood, non-toxic wood glue, rice, urad dal, black beans, felt, bamboo skewers

Disclaimer: Every piece of wood is unique and therefore naturally occurring imperfections in the wood may occur. This item is made with a laser, and as a result of the process burning around the edges and/or lettering may occur. 

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